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             Unprecedented changes will occur to the purchasing of health insurance within sixmonths. This change represents a dramatic shift in how business is done as insurance choices move from the employer to the employee. As a result, the role and relationships of brokers to their customers is forever changing as well. While employers will still be providing a level of support of health insurance to their employees, more responsibility will be required of insurance brokers to educate individual employees of their choices. Health Reform Advice is a website designed to be an information clearing house, business toolkit, and customer resource to brokers not only in the midst of this change but well into the future. The site provides the business opportunities, products, services, and customer support required by brokers in the new environment and into the future. As a Health Reform Advice Broker-Affiliate you will be provided with new business leads, aware of the latest changes occurring, equipped with tools and shortcuts to growing your business, and a resource center to support your customers both employer and employees