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Agents gain new prospects using your HealthReformAdvice’s “affiliate link”

Talk-with-an-Advisor-ButtonWe want to help knowledgeable and ethical agents to earn new business via your HealthReformAdvice.com “Affiliate link”.  With your personal link, you can share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, a website or via email.  When someone clicks your affiliate link, your information is carried to the homepage of HealthReformAdvice.com.  When the visitor submits their contact information, your affiliate link is also submitted identifying that the visitor came from your specific link.  We immediately email the visitor’s contact information back to you so you can contact them.  They will be looking for “Health Reform Advice” and you are the advisor who will help them.  What a great marketing opportunity for you to expand your business.

Of course, we would appreciate if you would post informative information in the HealthReformAdvice.com community forum as visitors may read your post and realize that you are the agent they need to contact to help them.  Let us give you some advice when writing your post.  Think of the question you are answering and whether many people will Google that question.  If you write a detailed answer that Google finds does the best job of answering your question, your post will become part of the first page of Google search results.  This will increase the chance that Google searchers will click to read your post.  Please make the title of your post include the Google search phrase and make it readable so Google searchers will know what they will find when they click the link to your post.

It is real easy to sign up as an affiliate.  Just click here and submit your form.  You will be given your affiliate link as soon as you submit your information, but we will have to approve you (one day) before the link is live.

Take advantage of getting new clients during this time of chaos.  Many agent will not keep up on the changes, and will give up.  Others, like you can capitalize on this opportunity.  We hope you add to our community and we add to your pocketbook.  May God bless you!