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As the Affordability Health Care Act reshapes the insurance landscape, we need to understand the affects and options of HRA-I-E-BAthe Affordable Care Act.   Because of the law’s evolving nature with new statutes and rules, we come together into the Health Reform Advice Community to educate each other.  This is the forum where we do this.

Together we will…

  • Create a national location where answers and understanding can be found regarding Health Reform legislation a nd how it impacts us.
  • Grow a network (community) of people who share experiences and approaches that work.
  • Build resources to help make safe and accurate decisions for our families and businesses.
  • Provide online and live assistants to help with all aspects of Health Insurance no matter where you live.

Join the community of individuals, employers and professionals who care for each other. The Health Reform affects each and every one of us.  Why try tackling it alone? Let’s do this together.


For Answer Seekers of Health Reform

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img3Navigating through the vast law is daunting. Join forces with professionals and individuals who need and provide answers to questions regarding Health Reform.  State-by-State, we will compare notes, share experiences and help each other understand health reform empowering all of us to make sound decisions for ourselves and families.

Come on in to be a part of something huge.

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Becoming an affiliate agent will allow individuals and businesses find you creating new opportunities for your agency.  If you can share the Health Reform Advice community forum with friends, family, clients and colleagues, you will establish yourself as their Go-To Answer-Gal or Man.   Also, participating and contributing to the forum can cement your reputation as an expert in Health Care.  By sharing your personalized affiliate link, you will receive information from those who are asking questions or participating in your particular forum.

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Understanding Health Reform and the Affordable Care Act is hard, but if your website is a place people come to for answers, why not share your expertise with the nation. This free community will provide answers, experience, and opinions about the law and exchanges.  Allowing you to educate others demonstrates how you are a trusted resource.  Promoting the Health Reform Advice community with a personalized affiliate link on your website will establish it as the Go-To site for answers while increasing your professional visibility for free.